Do’s and Don’ts For your Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen renovation can be a large undertaking. Full of decisions to make and construction kitchen installation in your home all the time. There is so much going on. There are a few do’s and don’ts you should be aware of to make sure your kitchen renovation goes smoothly.

Do you consider how you’ll use the space

So you’re going through with the renovation you want to ensure that you are using the space wisely. Especially if you have a small kitchen this can be very crucial. Your kitchen designer should make sure you are happy with how the space is used before the kitchen installer Christchurch installs any of the cabinets or appliances. Weather it be making better use of cabinet space or for making a way for secret storage, it is important to address all of the issues that you currently have in order to make sure that you don’t fall into those same problems in your new kitchen.

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Don’t go over budget

Your kitchen designer should help you to ensure that you are able to stick to your budget. Make sure the choices you are making keep in line with not only your design ideas and vision but also in line with your overall budget. Don’t spend all of your money on marble countertops and then don’t have anything left for the basic cabinetry or spend all your money on appliances and then don’t have anything left over for the kitchen installation. It’s very important to stay on track and set an amount for each part of your kitchen renovation. Also set aside a portion of your budget for unexpected expenses such as unexpectedly needing a new subflooring or a change of color for your walls.

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don’t forget storage

Storage in the kitchen is really important. Ensure that your kitchen designer finds a great way to custom make all your storage needs. Make sure you take in account all the things that you currently have and then decide what you need to make your space as functional as possible. Don’t overdo it with cabinets though also consider options as well such a shelving or even getting rid of some of the things that you currently do not use in your kitchen on a regular basis.

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Do use Cabinetry to its fullest

When it comes to where to put the toaster or the microwave have your kitchen joinery include options in your cabinets so that your stainless steel appliances don’t always clash with your design. If you can get really creative, you can even hide large appliances such as your refrigerator. This can help ensure that your very modern clean and sleek designs are the same all the way through. If  your theme is a more country charming look then your  joinery will have to get really creative where to match your state-of-the-art appliances your theme.

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Do bring cabinets up high

Don’t waste your space, ensure that you have as much storage as possible by bringing cabinets all the way up to the ceiling if possible. This will give you the storage you need for all those fancy dinner dishes and your endless supply of Christmas mugs. Large cabinets or extended cabinets up to the ceiling help to create a finished look and don’t make your kitchen look so broken up as well. A kitchen joinery should be able to create cabinets that are able to reach the heights you need in order to maximize your kitchen storage needs

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Do find the best Pros

Ensure that you and your kitchen designer have the best pros on your team. Find the best kitchen installers in Christchurch by asking for references and making sure you ask installers in the contractors are the right ones for the job. Ensure that the team you have assembled has experience in the type of kitchen renovation that you are trying to achieve whether that be a home kitchen renovation or a commercial kitchen renovation. Don’t use somebody who doesn’t have the experience to back up the things that you need done in your kitchen renovation. Trust professionals to have credentials and years of experience to help keep your renovation stress free on track.

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Your  kitchen renovation can be a large job. You and your kitchen designer have a long list of things to decide on from things like appliances a tree to smaller things like hardware details finishes for the floor. You want to ensure that every part of your new kitchen fits your needs, looks beautiful, and that it doesn’t drowning in debt. Don’t take your eye off the prize and know that your kitchen designer is on your team to give you everything you want and can have. Follow this list of do’s and don’ts keep your kitchen renovation on track.

How to Choose Countertops : 101 Guide

Kitchen countertops are one of the most important parts of the kitchen design. They’re the workspace and the foundation for the design of your kitchen renovation. Your kitchen designer will give you a wide range of materials, color, designs and finishes that can work with your space and vision. Make sure to check out the latest trends with your kitchen designer in Christchurch for the newest in countertops.

Veining In Patterns

Patterns in the countertop give the kitchen more character. Realistic veining in quartz,  marble, and granite can create a interesting match up to your cabinets and backsplash. Each vein is a unique picture made in the material to create a one of a kind story across the countertop. Veining can give a flat countertop more style and life to make a design have some interest. There are a number of different pattern types of veining but the two major ones are crack seal growth and open space filling. And there are different ways to display the veinging like cutting into it to show it from the inside or to cut the counter to let the vein be all the way across the space.

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Counters of Blacsplash

A new trend has started where kitchen designers use the countertop materials turn a 4in the wall as a backsplash. Designer can still use backsplash materials but running the countertop up a bit the wall tunes down the details of the backsplash. If you would like a less busy design your kitchen designer Christchurch would probably recommend this. Another option is to use the countertop all the way up to the cabinets as a backsplash. This creates seamless lines and makes the design look clean clear and cohesive.

Quartz and other materials

Quarts is a timeless material that doesn’t seem to be going out of style and 2018 is no difference. It is loved because it is a natural beauty that is easy to clean and available in a vast array of colors and veining options. Every kind of cut is different and unique so that your countertops are always one of a kind. It is also easy to cut to give you the deges that you desire and allow you to fit any sink design that you wish. It is a great alternative to more expensive materials like marble, which can break your bank. Granite, soapstone and slate are also popular materials to make your countertops out of and allow you to have a wide variety of finishes as well.

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Kitchen islands

The island is just as important as the rest of the work space in the kitchen sometimes more so because the island provides you with the opportunity to create more workspace or to move the kitchen sink to a more central location.

Whatever material, cut and color you choose for your countertops can also run kitchen island as well. If you’d  like something with a bolder design and a little less matchy then you can pick a different material to cover your island worktop. This can be done with a butcher workspace and a quartz countertop to the bar side. Or maybe the cabinets of the island storage won’t match the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen.  Your kitchen designer in Christchurch will be able to handle the design that meets your needs functionally and looks beautiful with a matching countertop as well. This worktop can either include a sink or it can be just extra work space with storage underneath.

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After you’ve chosen the material and color for your countertops it’s important to also choose the cut for the ends of the counter. Countertop edges are not something to overlook. It’s a small detail that can add an accent to your overall design. There are a number of different styles to countertop edges. A more modern trend is the waterfall edge that allows for the counter material to be taken all the way down the side of the workspace and meets the floor. This allows for clean and contemporary lines that is very sleek. A less modern edge is the cascade edge. A cascade edge is a more classic and traditional edge that clearing defines the end of the counter with some nice detail.  Whatever edge you choose it should fit into your overall theme of your kitchen renovation. Remember that no detail is too small and the countertop edges are a detail that will make a big difference.

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When remodeling your kitchen there is a wide array of choices to make when it comes to kitchen countertops. Your kitchen designer will walk you through the latest trends to assure that the materials fit the overall design.From the materials like quartz or marble to veining options and how to showcase them when it comes to cutting the edges, you’ll be able to create one-of-a-kind look for your kitchen that you will love for years to come.

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All you need to know about Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets and more than just storage to stuff all of your tupperware , pots and pans. They play an integral part of your kitchen design and it’s about time they start getting attention in your kitchen renovation designs. There are so many custom things you can do with your cabinets to make them stand out in your kitchen. Excellent joineries in Christchurch can customize them to give you hardware and other finishes to make your cabinets one-of-a-kind. Make sure that you explore all the options that your renovation designer will go over with you in the designing portion of the kitchen renovation.

Color Customization

You should no longer be satisfied with just wood or white colored cabinets. Cabinets done with a joinery in Christchurch can be customized in a limitless array of colors to go with any design. The main color are light medium and dark. Each color is going to add extra do your kitchen cabinets. You can dress up your kitchen a wide variety of warm greys or choose more bold colors like lime green and royal purples to get a more unique look for your kitchen. You’ll also want to consider what kind of wood is going to give you the best overall color and function for your design.

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Along with color is also the different types of finishes that are available in the many colors. You can choose a more distressed finish to bring an antique or farm finish to your kitchen. Or if you’d like to a more modern and sleek finishes then you’ll want a eggshell or a flat finish to be able achieve this look. Take the time to see how each color will look with each finish before making the decision because some colors may clash with other finishes. Whatever finish you use your gonna make sure that it fits your overall design.

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Cabinet Doors

There’s a lot of of different door options that allow you to further customize your kitchen cabinets during your kitchen renovation. Modern cabinets tend to be free from hardware like handles or other ornate pieces. But if you want your design to be kept simple, edges are trendy right now. Even if you prefer handles they come in a wide array of low profile styles and materials so that you can have something that is both functional and trendy. There’s also the panel styles that will help solidify your overall style of the cabinets. There are so many choices like raised panels, flat panels or even beaded style doors. Each doors features are going to give a different shape and design in your kitchen cabinets and make the paint colors you choose stand out differently. Your kitchen renovation is all about the small details that can create your dreams.

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Open Shelving

Open shelving is another feature your Christchurch joinery can build. Open shelving may not be great for storage however they work great in small kitchens. They can be finished in an array of different colors and finishes or they can be left with a more natural and rustic finish. Open shelving leaves a bit of a storage conundrum but as long as your lower drawers can accommodate all of your needs it can be open and inviting tab open shelving. Another option is to incorporate open shelving on an accent wall to add decor and photos. Even adding open shelves just to add some green in your space is a great idea.


No matter how beautiful your cabinets look they must live up functionally for all of your kitchen storage needs. It’s important that during a kitchen renovation to address all of these needs your kitchen designer and Christchurch joinery to store all that you require for functional kitchen. It’s important to utilize all the space you have available in your kitchen for staples like the trash can, your tubberware, and your pantry. When It comes  to the space you have available you have to get creative sometimes with things like corner cabinets and pantries that pull out of walls. Another thing that helps with storage is to take the cabinets all the way up to the up to the ceiling so that no space is wasted.

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There are so many options when it comes to kitchen cabinets. They are no longer just for storing dishes. They are now a large piece of your kitchen statement and be beautiful you need to tie together your kitchen renovation design. From stains and colors to door designs all culminating to a great design that works for your own unique design in your kitchen renovation. But you also have to consider all of your storage needs,because where you put all of your pots and pans id just as important as how they look.

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New trends for kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation can be so exciting. A new kitchen of your dreams with colors, appliances and storage just the way you want and need it. Making the kitchen favorite room in the house again is not going to be easy though. There are so many things to decide and so many new trends to explore to ensure that you and your designer have a clear vision and direction before you get into your kitchen renovation. Make sure you explore all the different options that there are for flooring, sinks, and even your cabinets. Every part of your kitchen design should be taken piece by piece to make sure you get to choose everything from hardware to finishes. Nothing is too small or unimportant for you to choose for your new kitchen.

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There have always been so many choices when it comes to flooring, and current trends have not forgotten about the importance of the floor. Flooring is not just about the material, though there  are a lot to choose from. From wood, tile and laminate to marble  and vinyl, thoe choices and finishes to complement your kitchen design. Wood floorings can be done in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles. Herbowing in wood gives the floor and very interesting and intricate design that can beautiful in any design.patterns help to create a unique design in the floors with different shapes and creative placings. Flooring also should be chosen for durability and to be aware of the needs of your home.  There are so many different choices make sure you take the time to see what your kitchen showrooms have to offer.

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Feature Ceilings

Who says the ceiling can’t be a feature piece. Don’t settle for just a plain white ceiling. Give yourself something spectacular and  give your guests something to look at thats unexpected when they walk in to your kitchen. Checkered ceiling can be a fun piece to incorporate color into your design. This can be done in black and whites for a classic finish or in any other color that ties into your kitchen renovation design. Another option is to add panels and break up the space for a more sophisticated and elegant design. One design trend that is getting a lot of attention is the tin covered ceilings that can be done in a variety of colors and finishes. No matter what you choose allow your ceiling to be a large part of your overall design.

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Your sink should be more than a place for you to wash dishes and clean up messes. It can be a beautiful feature as well. Colored sinks are making a splash in kitchen renovation designs allowing homeowners to add pops of color in an otherwise basic colored worktop. Farm style sinks are making a comeback in recent kitchen renovations. It gives a clean classic look and also is functionally a wide deep space for cleaning pots and pans. Cast iron sinks are a timeless and durable option but can be a bit heavy, so its best installed by a professional. Sinks are more important to the design that ever before so take the time to explore all the different options.

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Floating Shelves

Cabinets especially in small kitchens can make the space feel closed off and smaller. Floating shelves installed with accent lights can draw attention to decor or dishes in way that makes everything more purposeful and inviting. Joinery in Christchurch can design and install the perfect shelves and help build cabinets anything extra. Floating shelves come in a variety of different material and finishes so that the dishes and decorations places on the shelves can match and ce pleasing to the entire design.

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Statement Features

Whether it be the lighting fixtures or custom colored cabinets by the joinery in Christchurch. Feature lights hanging over an island can create a wonderful look to any kitchen. Custom vent hoods bring attention to your stove for masterpieces are made. Beautiful mosaic splashbacks can create beautiful backdrop to your kitchen. Floral wallpapers on an accent wall can bring light and interest into your space. Picking the right statement features for your space will give up kitchen design something special that you will love for years.

There so many trends for you to choose from. Your kitchen designer will be able to help you explore which ones will make it into your kitchen design. A joinery in Christchurch will be able to help design custom cabinets, shelving , Islands send more in all the colors and customs finishes. Your designer will help you choose the custom finishes and features that will help your design come to life. You should take the time to look at the flooring and the appliances and the sinks and really make each piece work for you functionally and aesthetically.


How to Choose best Kitchen Showrooms for Kitchen Renovations

Why settle for standard when you can have amazing. If you’re going to renovate your kitchen know it’s something you’re only going to do every 15 to 20 years. Don’t be discouraged if you are short on ideas or inspiration. Or if you just don’t have a clear focus on your design. This is a large expense and you want to make sure that it looks every bit as great as you dreamed # no regrets. Your designer should take you to a kitchen showroom to help you make the decisions when it comes to designing your kitchen. It’s difficult to see pictures of different designs and products and try to imagine how they will all fit together. It’s also a really great place to take inspiration if you stuck and don’t know how to move forward with your design. Showrooms allow you to touch the different materials first hand helping to make decisions on what materials and finishes look well together. Kitchen showrooms also showcase local craftsman who can create something unique. The kitchen showrooms are also able to offer installation for all pieces for a low price when bundled. The right kitchen showroom is going to have everything you need and more. Making getting out your kitchen renovation with your designer a joyous Adventure.

Kitchen Showrooms Product Selection

Of course you know you need a stove, sink and fridge, the real question is what finishes do you want for these appliances. Kitchen showrooms let you see a wide array of appliances with different styles and features. You can also see how it fits into the precise space you have to make decisions about placement. Showrooms are going to show some of the top of the line appliances and you’re going to be able to compare and contrast different features that you want in your new kitchen. This is going to ensure that you have features you can’t live without like a self cleaning oven or gooseneck faucets and other features that you believe are important to your design. You can find them all in a showroom without having to go searching far and wide for them. You’’ll be able to see whether soft-close drawers and cabinets are really as amazing as they say they are or if you really can’t survive without a farmhouse washbasin. Whatever it is that you seen in the magazines and on Pinterest you’ll be able to experience in a kitchen showroom.

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Maybe you really like a kitchen bar stool or breakfast nook setting for the display but the colors don’t match the rest of the design you have in mind. Maybe a backsplash is really pretty but you’re wondering if it comes in a different color for less busy design. Kitchen showrooms can contact the seller or designer and ask if they can manufacture it in another way to satisfy your taste. If the seller or designer you would like to work with can’t make changes a showroom can suggest craftsmen or designers who would be a good fit for your idea. This gives you the opportunity to get something truly unique for your kitchen renovation.

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Even after you found all the perfect pieces, you have to make sure proper measurements are taken to ensure but everything you want to place in your kitchen will fit. kitchen showrooms are able to provide installation services for products that may need to be specially installed for your renovation, such as cabinets or subway tiles. Often they can recommend contractors and other teams you may need for your kitchen renovation.

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The best thing about a kitchen showrooms are the prices. Everything is together, from the appliances to the custom backsplash to the breakfast bar stools. All these things plus installation can often be covered in its price, so there is no extra work or money once everything is picked out. Showrooms can also assist in organizing what schedule the installers have to help finish your kitchen renovation on time.

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Truly, the kitchen showroom is one of the most important stops to make when starting a kitchen renovation. Whether you have the perfect idea of what you want for if you have no clue where to even begin. No kitchen renovation should be done without looking into a kitchen showroom. Showrooms put you in a perfect place to see all the different options first hand. Allowing you to see what materials and features so with one another to ensure that you were picking something that is not only going to last but that you’re going to love in your new kitchen. Showrooms can help find craftsmans to customize pieces to make your renovation designs come true because you should never have to settle for less. They can also take care of insulation of any piece that they show. All of this and it fits your budget without having to go to a whole lot of places to finish one job. Kitchen showrooms are a great place that  you and your designer can use for more inspiration and to get the job done.

What you need to know while Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are meant to hold tupperware, pots and pans and all other kinds of kitchen nick-nacks . The biggest struggle is keeping everything behind those doors organized . Nothing is worse than opening the door to grab a tub and getting hit by rogue plastic containers . Any Kitchen Cabinets renovation should address the way a Christchurch joinery is going to design cabinets for the ease-of-use . Christchurch joinery like Kitchen Maker can give you dream cabinets that keep everything clutter-free and organized .

Pantry Storage

Cans, cereal boxes, and more seem to pile up in the cabinet . There is always a struggle to find things if there aren’t enough shelves Kitchen Cabinets renovation should address this either with a walk-in pantry with great lighting. An old utility closet can be retrofitted with plenty of shelves to create a dream pantry. A pull-out pantry can be installed for easy access to everything . This too should have plenty of shelves and spaces for all of your rice,flour,sugar and more. No matter what your new pantry should make everything easily accessible and adequate lighting makes everything easy to see and retrieve without making a mess .

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Pots and Pans

Lids and pots never seem to stay together in organized . Some people just stick everything in the oven but this becomes a pain when it’s time to bake, you have to remove everything .Having a rack or shelf for the lids and another for the pots is helpful solution that can keep things organized . Another solution is to use hooks to hang pots and lids up above to keep them out of the way and organized . But this is only recommended if you have nice cookware and you don’t mind people seeing them on display all the time . This is common in a large designer Kitchen Cabinets that focus on not only design but function.

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Tupperware Storage

Tupperware is usually a nightmare to keep organized . But where would you put the leftovers if you didn’t have all of your tupperware . All shapes and sizes, round and square, small and large, at some point in time we are going to need it . To keep tupperware from escaping the cabinets in an avalanche it’s best to keep them in drawers made with pockets to keep lids and bottoms neat and tidy . Separate compartments allow you to see everything you have without having to pull it all out. Keeping tupperware in a low allows for ease of access as well.

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Spice Rack Storage

Spices take your meals from bland to masterpieces that everyone craves . You need a lot of different spices to make the many different dishes, but it can be difficult to find the right spices for a dish when they are all cluttered into a cabinet. An excellent solution is to build tiered shelves so that way no spice is blocking another . This makes it easy to search for the things you need . Another solution is to have racks built into the doors what spices you use most often are clearly inside and easy to access.

Trash Cans Kitchen Cabinets

Trash cans can be smelly and if you have pets in the home can become a possible hazard . Trash cans in the kitchen often keep Kitchen Cabinets scraps and empty fast food containers that can be an eyesore if just left out . a great solution is to turn a cabinet into a storage for the trash can . you can anywhere from a 4 to 10 trash can comfortably in a cabinet on a drawer that pulls out of it . this keeps the trash can out of sight out of mind, but still easily accessible . another solution is a tilt out trash bin . this to looks like a regular cabinet but when opened it tilts out words to reveal a trash can . this can allow for a larger trash can to be kept in the kitchen .

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Forks, spoons and knives oh my . how does anyone keep these organized . the run-of-the-mill organizers buy from the super box stores get dirty and look awful . a better solution is to add separators into the drawers themselves to keep not only see everyday utensils separated but also the large cooking utensils like whisk, and slotted spoons and their own space . easily found and easily separated, not to mention appealing to the eye .

Bowls and Plates

so you have a small kitchen so there aren’t a lot of cabinets overhead . and floating shelves are just not going to cut it . a good solution is to have wide pull out drawers installed shuffle all your everyday dishware in . this way it’s out of the way and easily accessible and those floating shelves can be used for plants and decorations to brighten up your space .

great Storage Solutions part of any kitchen renovation . when sitting down with your designer make sure to come up with a list of things you would like addressed when it comes to storage . these are just a few solutions that can help maximize the space and use of a kitchen and still look very nice . a Christchurch joinery can custom make these ideas and more making installation a breeze.

All You need to know about Small Kitchen Designs

Small kitchen designs are great, for college students who only eat ramen or single people who don’t cook and eat a lot of takeout. But if you’re like most people you have kids or spouse you have to feed on a pretty regular basis, unlike the plants in living room that survived despite neglect . A Small kitchen designs just leaves a lot to be desired as far as storage, space and lighting . But short of knocking down a couple of walls, which is not always an option, there are few things that can be changed and upgraded to make it work better for you and your family . Small kitchen designs can be difficult but with the proper designer there is no doubt that you can maximize the layout to get the most out of your small space.

Island – Make It Work For You

Do you think that an island is just not possible in your Small kitchen designs. Think again, Islands provide a ton of storage space and also can be designed to have pull out table well for extra seating. They can even be made to keep your microwave or other small appliances in a special storage space so that you have more room on your counters and less clutter. Make sure you choose a kitchen island a ton of storage in it. Also helps when its on a wheels so that it can be moved out of the way or around if needed.

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Colors – Simple and Clean Small kitchen designs

A good start is choosing a light and airy color. Veer away from dark woods, reds, blacks or anything that might seem too heavy for the space. Also veer away from busy patterns or too many patterns in general . Best to keep everything really simple and clean . Whites and blues tend to be good choices in colors also basic patterns for your backsplashes and appliances keep the kitchen from licking closed-in and suffocating . Subway tiles can also be added to create a nice pattern without becoming too busy .

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Storage – Use Every Bit Of Space

You’ve gotten rid of everything that you don’t need only left with the things that make a kitchen a kitchen .Small kitchen designs can feel closed sometimes if there are too many traditional cabinets hanging up above . But this forces you to get creative about where to put everything. Floating shelves are nice but they don’t hold much without looking like a mess . If need the extra dishware for entertaining so pull drawers on the lower level cabinets give plenty of storage . This leaves floating shelves for decorations that will make the kitchen feel inviting. This also keeps the kitchen from feeling boxed in. If you’d like to keep the upper cabinets and not use floating shelves, then having cabinets with glass doors is recommended so the space doesn’t feel so closed off making sure the trim is a light color as well . Tilt out drawers help maximize lower cabinets faces things like utensils, trash cans. Pull out or slide out pantries are a great solution for keeping things organized but still accessible. Toe kick drawers are fairly new design feature but allow you to storage wide cookie sheets and pans in a space that would otherwise be unused and forgotten. A joinery in Christchurch should be able to help you design storage to fit all of your needs .

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Lighting – Sometimes Less Is More

The grand old chandelier de pompadour may not look good in a Small kitchen designs. Any flashy pendants or chandelier lighting would not be helpful in opening up the space . Recessed lighting would be a good addition or small pendant lights over the island or counters. Dimmers help to create optimal conditions to work in . Also putting lights by the cabinets to make the space easy to work in. A string of lights along the base of your counters, along your backsplash, is another way to bring illumination to the space. Don’t be afraid to get creative with lighting, remember to cake layer throughout the space so that it’s not too bright or too dark .

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Seating – No One Wants To Be Alone In The Kitchen

If the kitchen is small there’s probably little to no seating so you can entertain guests when they come by . Bar stools on the back of a counter bar can make a great space for people to sit and interacted with you while you were in the kitchen . Bench seating in a breakfast nook as storage but also but also leaves great space gathering in the kitchen.

While small kitchen is not ideal there is no reason why it can’t still be stylish and functional . With the right storage solutions, colors , lighting  and seating it can be every bit as amazing as a large kitchen . Because the kitchen is where family, friends and food come together for good time . Find your Small kitchen designs in Christchurch who can make your kitchen design dreams come true.