Kitchen Renovations & Design Christchurch

Kitchen renovations in Christchurch are our specialty at KMC Kitchens. We have experience designing and installing kitchens in all types of home. This includes period properties, modern homes, apartments, and more. Our kitchen renovation services & expertise also includes designing and installing kitchens of all size whether that involves installing the kitchen in a new build property or replacing your existing kitchen.

Remember, renovating a kitchen is a major undertaking, regardless of the size of kitchen in question. There is a vast range of options to choose from as well as design best practices to ensure everything works together and is user-friendly.

An expert kitchen designer will help you achieve this as well as ensuring you get the design you want while sticking to your budget.

To find out more, contact us today on 03 974 9380 or visit our showroom to get some design inspiration and to speak to a designer in person.

Professional Kitchen Renovations

At KMC Kitchens, we have extensive experience of kitchen renovations in Christchurch, plus we handle every stage of the process. This includes:

  • Design – we’ll find out the style and features you want in your new kitchen. We’ll then create a 3D digital model, so you can visualise what the kitchen will look like. You’ll also be able to see various elements of your kitchen in our showroom.
  • Removing your old kitchen – carefully dismantling and removing your old kitchen is a crucial part of the kitchen renovations process. Our team will ensure this job is done properly so the room is ready for the new installation.

Installation – the final part of our kitchen renovations process is installing your new kitchen. We have carpenters on our team who will install the cabinets and units, ensuring they fit perfectly and that everything moves smoothly. We also have plumbers and electricians on our team who will look after the taps, sinks, appliances, lights, power sockets, and more.