Give your attires a nice home

Wardrobes installation is the most essential part of your bedroom. They provide an invaluable amount of space, for the attires and accessories you have invested upon. A well-designed wardrobe does not only help protect your clothes, but are flawlessly functional and easy to operate. A perfect wardrobe also decorates your bedroom and syncs well with the theme of your bedroom style.

Thanks to KitchenMaker designing or setting up your perfect wardrobe is a breeze. Our team of professionals are keen to visit your bedroom, ascertain the available space and suggest the best wardrobe design keeping the cost within your reach. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a wardrobe, at KitchenMaker Christchurch we give you a price-beat guarantee for having your wardrobe constructed by certified professionals.

Choose from dozens of wardrobes installation designs

There are many wardrobe designs available that you can choose from, depending on the available space in your bedroom. Some design types are shown below:

Free Standing: This is the most common and basic type. Available in metal, wood and plastic, they are cheap and easy to move around but consumes more space for easy operation of doors.

Wall Mounted: People are saying farewell to the traditional free standing wardrobes and rely more on wall mounted. This is no only because of their graceful look and feel but for intelligent on space too.

Sliding Door: The most advanced technique for saving space and human effort. Sliding door wardrobes not only gracefully adds up to your bedroom’s appearance, they are also smart on space and efforts. Sliding door wardrobes are best selling nowadays, owing to there extra space for shelves and cabinets. Having a sliding door wardrobe in your bedroom you can never be short of space.

Walk-in Wardrobes:  Thanks to the numerous brands and fashion outlets, men and women have taken to luxury attires and footwear alike . It’s becoming impossible for wardrobes to cope up with their increasing demand. Thankfully, Walk-in wardrobes are the best solution specially designed for classy people. Now you can leisurely keep all your clothes and other wearables in a walk-in wardrobe, a private room designed specially to house your lifestyle. Arrange things at your will, adorn yourself, show it off to your guests; your walk-in wardrobes are literally your private fashion stores.

Customised Wardrobes: Customisation of rooms, especially for kids has taken wardrobes design to a whole new level. You can now completely transform the wardrobe design according to your room customization. Thanks to the numerous colors and materials available and the skilled craftsmanship involved.

KitchenMaker Christchurch lets you live the perfect wardrobe experience in your bedroom. With a Complete satisfaction guarantee and our skilled and certified craftsmen you can be rest assured. Give your dream wardrobe a chance, trust our professionals with your idea and cost estimate and let them do the job for you.

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