There is more to KitchenMaker Christchurch then just Kitchen Construction. We also provide a complete solution for your laundry installation including shelving units and appliances. Getting your laundry done is a daunting task especially when your laundry place is not properly setup. Luckily this can be changed thanks to our professional technicians who are expert in creating a comfortable and smart laundry experience.

Our Laundry Installation team consists of qualified plumbers, electricians and other skilled workers who can hook up your laundry appliance, adjust the appliance in the most appropriate position that is suitable for your laundry space and install new power points where needed.

At KitchenMaker we are always helpful if you have low space for your laundry. With our handful stacking kits to mount your washers and dryers on top of each other, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. This means your laundry job will become a lot more easier and stress-free.

Laundry Installation Christchurch

During installation, we take care of all the necessary arrangements for the exhaust duct to keep your laundry dry and moisture free. Furthermore, our team is capable of installing a whole new ducting in your home, that includes wall and roof penetration, core drilling and flashing.

When we say Laundry Installation by KitchenMaker, we also mean setting up all the units and shelves that makes up a nice and intelligent Laundry space. Of course, no laundry is complete without the accompanying shelves and units that are build to last. Let our laundry installation team create a whole new experience the next time you do your laundry, perhaps a rewarding experience both for you and your laundry.

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