Fresh Kitchen Design Ideas For 2022

Fresh Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home where cooking, social gatherings and relationships are forged. Therefore, it is vital to use aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen design ideas to achieve a calm and enjoyable living space. There are lots of trends and ideas to choose from to change up your kitchen this year to best suit your style and practical needs. Here’s what to consider:


Kitchen cabinetry is one of the first things that will set your kitchen’s mood and overall look, as they are usually a prominent feature. Choosing the right material, style and colour are very important to make sure your kitchen fits the aesthetic of your choice.

Warm, natural wooden cabinetry is trending for 2022. It may be on the pricier side but is usually more durable and will give the room a luxurious finish. Cabinetry made from other substances such as melamine is not as durable but budget-friendly and can still look stunning in the kitchen.

When considering colour, think about the style of your home and kitchen. While bold colours are taking over plain white kitchens this year, you could opt for more subtle colours to suit beachy, modern or classic styles, while darker colours will fit in with a farm or cottage style.


Changing up the lighting can also do wonders for the design of a space. For example, a popular idea is to hang modern pendant lights over a centre island or bar, creating interest for the eye. The light fittings of these lights can also be carefully selected to fit in with the design of the rest of the house. Another trend is using wicker or woven chandeliers to make the space look classy and unexpected without being gaudy.

Fun And Functional 

Having functional storage spaces in your kitchen does not mean the area needs to be boring and stark. Designing a storage solution can be done in a fun way that can be eyecatching and interesting. For example, multiple islands, rolling doors, geometric cupboards and revolving storage plates can be useful and aesthetically pleasing. Or go with a trendy minimalist approach and incorporate hidden storage behind architecturally pleasing walls or solid doors.

Whatever your choices for your kitchen upgrade this year, a beautiful kitchen area will be beneficial for your happiness and mental health by ensuring you are relaxed with your loved ones.

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