Fundamentals of Modern Kitchen Design

modern kitchen design

What does it mean to have a ‘modern’ kitchen? Does it have to look as if it is straight off the page of a lifestyle magazine? Are you allowed to inject your own personality and combine more ‘outdated’ trends?

As kitchen design specialists, we’ll be looking at some of the fundamentals and the associated features of modern kitchen design.

Modern Appliances

No modern kitchen design is complete without modern appliances. There should be enough plug points for a microwave, toaster, kettle, blender, and other modern appliances. There should also be the right plumbing for a dishwasher. In modern design, the devices should flow with the colours and shape of the space in a cohesive way.

Kitchen Islands

Modern kitchen design often relies quite heavily on kitchen islands. Kitchen islands offer extra storage, preparation space and can act as a bar. It also creates an extra dynamic in the kitchen. Recently there has been a trend emerging to include two kitchen islands in your kitchen!


The proper lighting is integral to the success of your design/ The kitchen should generally be quite bright as you need to see what you are doing, and the space needs to stay well-cleaned and hygienic. But the kitchen offers the opportunity to add in unique or artistic lighting too, making the space interesting and inviting.

Enough Storage

The modern home requires quite a lot of storage. Most homeowners have a surplus of glasses, crockery, cutlery, and culinary gadgets in their kitchen. There needs to be sufficient storage so that everything can be packed away and that surfaces do not appear too cluttered.


One way to instantly add colour or affordably update your kitchen is by redoing your backsplash. Your backsplash is there to catch oil splatters and make it easier to clean, but it also acts as a design feature. Backsplash trends seem to come and go rather quickly, but some never go out of style.

Your Personality

One way to make a modern kitchen design eye-catching and homey is to add in some of your own personal style. Don’t follow every trend you see. Inject some of your taste into your kitchen design.

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