Must-Have Technologies For A Modern Kitchen

Must-Have Technologies for a Modern Kitchen

Installing new fixtures, buying new equipment, or changing the kitchen’s aesthetic are all options when undertaking a full-scale renovation. But what about incorporating smart kitchen technologies?

Living in an age of rapid technological advancements, it is only fitting that our kitchens evolve as well. And smart kitchen technologies are designed specifically for the purposes of:

  • Improving a kitchen’s functional aesthetic, and
  • Making day to day tasks easier and more efficient.

Leading kitchen companies in Christchurch agree that incorporating the latest in kitchen technologies into kitchen renovations not only embraces the future but increases the investment potential of your home. Consider these must-haves:

Charging Stations

Nowadays, it’s very uncommon that we go anywhere without our electronic devices. Taking this into consideration, we can see the value of a designated kitchen charging station.

A great idea is selecting a specific drawer or set of drawers with an inbuilt USB multi-port, where you can store cables and leave devices to charge. The result: Freeing up counter space of clutter, keeping devices out of sight and minimising screen time, even if for just a while.

Motion Sensor Faucets

Some faucets can activate by motion detection; others can activate by touch. These are some of the most cutting-edge kitchen technologies, elevating the modern kitchen experience. Aside from convenience, they have a good aesthetic quality and are also very practical. Minimising the need for dirty hands to touch faucets goes a long way toward improving overall hygiene and safer food preparation.

Kitchen Smart Screens

Touchscreen technology has been around for quite some time. However, it has also begun taking up residence in our homes in recent years. Smart screens in the kitchen can perform various functions, from displaying shopping lists and inventories to compiling your own digital cookbook. There are practical benefits to connecting to the internet, making video calls to family, or watching a game while cooking dinner. When it comes to incorporating touch screen technology into your kitchen renovation, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Virtual Assistants

To really take your modern kitchen renovation to the next level and maximise the potential of touch screen technology in the kitchen, consider linking a hands-free virtual assistant like Alexa. She can compile real-time shopping lists for you, set timers or play your favourite playlist while you cook.

If you go back in time, as little as 25 years, imagining any of these technologies in the kitchen would be nothing short of science fiction.

When it comes to modernising kitchens through expert renovation, our team of carpenters, plumbers and electricians at KMC make up one of the best kitchen companies in Christchurch.

Kitchen Makers Christchurch prides itself on excellence and service delivery. Together we can design a kitchen to suit your lifestyle and space, incorporating all of the modern technologies you had envisioned. Our expert craftsmen will ensure efficient and faultless installation, holding themselves to the highest standards. For a quote, call 0800003714 today.

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