Beautiful Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in the home. It is where the family is brought together and wonderful memories are made surrounding meals. Having a modern kitchen renovation design that works for your particular lifestyle is very important. This will affect how you cook and gather socially as a beautiful kitchen allows you to spend more enjoyable time using it!

Eye Catching Modern Design Ideas

There are many modern kitchen design trends that might be useful as ideas to create an eye-catching and functional kitchen. Colour, particularly the trending colour sage green, is a very popular way to create interest in a kitchen space and make it look unique. Wooden over metal finishings is also preferred to create a homely and rustic feel. These aspects create a connection between nature and the outdoors and are good for relaxation and mental wellness. This aesthetic is paired well with potted plants, natural or brass textiles and a minimalist, neat appearance.

A second design idea is having open storage shelves lined with attractive containers such as glass mason jars used to store pantry supplies. This approach uses kitchen appliances and food items as decor pieces while also creating an effective storage solution. The advantages of this idea are that you can pick and choose which items are on display, which can easily change the look of the space. You can also choose the foods you would like to be eating to be displayed, which increases the likelihood of healthier choices, and food waste is reduced as food is in your eyesight.

Practical Modern Design Ideas

One of the most popular modern kitchen designs is the ‘working kitchen’. This transforms the kitchen into a multi-use space, incorporating more seating areas and extended island or bar spaces that can be used as a work desk and a cooking and prepping station. These stations can also have room to store kitchen appliances as well as office supplies. Modern kitchen designs often incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches. This can include using sustainable materials and recycling old appliances and furniture to create new and contemporary finishes.

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Design And Installments For Manufacturing Kitchens

Manufacturing kitchens are also known as commercial kitchens and require specialised expertise when being designed and installed. This is because they require durable equipment and efficient workspace designed specifically for mass food production. These kitchens need to be easy to clean and incorporate safety features as dangerous equipment is usually used.

Designing A Manufacturing Kitchen

Manufacturing kitchens need to be designed carefully in order to make preparing a large amount of food easy and efficient. The assembly line layout is one of the primary focuses of a manufacturing kitchen as it dictates how quickly food can be prepared. The assembly line needs to be easily accessible from all parts of the kitchen and consists of a worktop that begins with food prep and ends with the plated and finished product, ready to serve to the customer. A large pantry and refrigerator space will also be required to store food items and ingredients.

Lastly, the hygiene of manufacturing kitchens is of utmost importance as food contamination and neglect is more likely when working with such a large scale. The kitchen must be designed so that it can be easily cleaned without having too many hard-to-reach spaces. It is also recommended that multiple sanitising and handwashing stations be incorporated into the design.

Installations Needed In A Manufacturing Kitchen

A manufacturing kitchen will contain all the appliances and installations found in a regular household kitchen with a few additions that are unique to the space. Large stovetops with many burners, usually gas, and enormous industrial-grade ovens will likely be needed. These will need to be procured from specialist manufacturers. A commercial hood needs to be set above the stovetop to provide proper ventilation and adequate air quality.

A walk-in cooler or refrigerator will be needed to store a large quantity of food and provide easy access to this food. Lastly, a fire extinguisher must be installed to ensure safety precautions are met. This is because manufacturing kitchens use a large amount of electricity as well as gas burners, and fires can start fairly easily.

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