Kitchen Design Ideas : Which is Right For You?

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation can be a great opportunity to explore different design themes for your kitchen. There are so many different kinds of themes and they have a lot of different elements that make them unique. Exploring some of the themes can hep you make your mind up when it comes to important design features and choices for your kitchen. There are so many details that you can use to create a one of a kind theme.


Modern kitchens have a very clean design and minimalist theme. This a a great for sleek lines and base colors like blue gray and white. This features materials like stainless steel and granite. It’s not very whimsical and cuts down on adornment pieces that are utilized for the purpose of efficiency in the kitchen. Everything featured in the kitchen is angular and flowing in design. Kitchen design ideas for a modern kitchen usually feature expertly designed features like furniture, floors and countertops. Cabinets are usually done in are usually done in frosted glass , sleek laminate or wood veneers. Flooring tends to be very simple with clean lines, elegant geometric shapes and this is true for the splashbacks as well.


Traditional kitchen designs have a warm and classic feel to them. Kitchen design chch for traditional themes often incorporate softer color tones such as cremes, taupes, light grays and greens. Unlike other kitchen designs chch traditional does stick strictly to any single thing. Its up for interpretation by the homeowner. Traditional usually includes patterns that bring the outdoors in like flowers, butterflies and birds. Mixing and matching is encouraged. And that’s why it appeals to so many people across age groups and personalities. Cabinets are usually done in wood either painted white or several different shades of crème or stained in a soft darker shade of brown. This aids in bringing the outside inside. The handcrafted look can also be accomplished with stone and brick as well. This design allows you to mix and match many layers of detail.

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The farmhouse kitchen design are a fun option for homeowners who like a more rustic and homey feel in design. It features rustic woods and soft green , white and browns. It has lots of design details that are meant feel comfortable. Sinks are done in copper, stainless steel or copper and meant to be deep for all of life’s little surprises. Butcher countertops are a popular choice but also soapstone, wood and concrete are also great farmhouse kitchen design ideas. Extra decorations like farmhouse canisters, pitchers and wire baskets are great to finish off the design.


Retro kitchen design chch can be playful colorful and charming. With the utilization of funky colors and vintage pieces and personality that you just can’t get anywhere else. Checked tile floors are a staple in any retro kitchen design chch. Just seeing the pattern on the floor brings back nostalgic thoughts of poodle skirts and bell bottom pants. Colors like red, mint, pastels and turquoise are popular color patterns for this kitchen design idea. Throwback appliances are a must for your fridge and stove to really bring in that retro feel and vintage personality. Funky hardware , classic signage and padded bar stools at your breakfast bar finish this look and make it irresistible.


Contemporary kitchens take the more traditional style and blend it with modern design and movement to create a space that is not only beautiful but also sleek and modern. Stainless steel and white appliances are usually a staple for this design. It creates a easy transition to warm wood tones in the cabinetry. Contemporary kitchen design chch allows you to choose a piece in your kitchen design and really make it a feature to stand out. This can be done with the splashback or the cabinet hardware or even the oven vent hood. Choose something and make it shout with personality.


Industrial kitchens are not for everyone. But if you want to highlight a particular feature in you existing kitchen such as exposed brick or wall mounted rails then an industrial kitchen design chch may be the right choice for you. An open space with high ceilings is an must have for this kind of kitchen design chch. Industrial kitchens mix a combination of materials. You’ll have stainless steel appliances with copper or brass light fixtures and reclaimed wood as shelves and islands. Industrial kitchens have a sort of rough simplicity to them. There’s no need to over decorate when you can just showcase the raw materials as they are.

there are so many different types of kitchen designs chch to choose from. Each with its own characteristics and personalities. It’s important when starting a kitchen renovation that you explore each design and what it has to offer you. And maybe no one design is you. Maybe you can create something from a little bit of everything that is a style all of your own.

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