Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Baking cookies, preparing thanksgiving dinner and Sunday breakfast. Your kitchen is used everyday and not just for meals. It’s a place for the family to meet and enjoy each other while enjoying a meal and the topics of the day. The kitchen has many pieces that make it a kitchen but nothing more integral than the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets function as the base color pallet for your kitchen as well as the place for all of your storage. Without your cabinets it would be room with a kitchen and an oven. Recent kitchen renovation trends have finally given kitchen cabinets and joinery the attention they deserve. The latest trend has been the choice of colors in your cabinets. Specifically two tone cabinets that make your kitchen cabinets stand out. Two tone cabinets allow you to make your kitchen more dynamic and give your kitchen cabinets an opportunity to be major feature in your kitchen. Two tone cabinets can be made into a done in a large variety of colors and combinations. There are a lot of different materials that can be mixed and matched as well. This allows you to be as creative in your kitchen as you are in life.

Choosing A Color Pallet

So many colors to choose from, how do you even start. The choice of using a two tone cabinet can open a wide array of choices for you to use for your kitchen. It’s important that you and your designer make a clear choice on how your two tone cabinets you can choose a color pallet that is more subtle like a soft gray and and egg shell that allows you to make your kitchen a bit more interesting without screaming at the top of your lungs how unique you are. Or maybe that what you want to do. Maybe you want your kitchen cabinets to be the end all and be all of your kitchen. Then you might be choosing an olive green and a chili red to spice up the overall design of your cabinets. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to colors. You can make any color combination that you can imagine. When you add in the choices for your countertops the combinations can feel endless. All this is supposed to bring depth and character to your kitchen that can’t be obtained with previous flat colors across the kitchen pallet.

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Getting Creative With Your Color Pallet

Your color pallet should be something that you consider for a while with your kitchen renovation designer. There are more just a color to pick out for your cabinets. The colors you choose for your kitchen cabinet and joinery are also going to affect your splashback choices as well, weather you use stainless steel appliances or not , and what the floors will look like over all. When deciding to use two tone kitchen cabinets you are ultimately opening a can of worms. But you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed if you have good designer. They will help you realize you kitchen renovation dreams and show you how the use of many colors together can still give you a cohesive and beautiful kitchen design.

Kitchen renovations are an opportunity to create a kitchen that you will love. Kitchens play a huge role in the home so why not give it the attention it deserves. The kitchen is not just a place for food to be prepared, it is also a space for family memories to be made and stories to be shared. Two tone cabinets are a consideration you and your kitchen designer should take seriously because it comes with a long list of other things to consider. There are so many color combinations that the choices can start to feel staggering. It can be a beautiful and amazing choice but you also have to take in account the colors of everything else in the space and how they all play together. From the countertop to the appliances and the splashbacks, everything has to be taken into consideration. Choosing two tone cabinets allows you to create a creative space that is every bit as unique as your family if you and your designer can find a color pallet that works for you.

If you’d like more information on two tone cabinets or other kitchen cabinets and joinery, call Kitchen Maker CHCH so we can show you all the ways we can help you in your kitchen renovation and design.

Trendy kitchen cabinet details

Trendy kitchen cabinet details

Kitchen cabinets are a major part of your kitchen. It’s important that they not only function great and have tons of storage options but also be stylish in the overall grand scheme of your kitchen design. There are so many details to choose from when it comes to the features of your kitchen cabinets. From the hardware and cut outs to lighting and panels, there are so many options to consider. A kitchen joinery will be able to help you customize your new kitchen cabinets to be not only useful but also to be as stylish as anything you’ve seen in a magazine.

Handleless cabinets for moderns kitchens

Hardware and handles are a thing of the past. New trends in kitchen joinery showpiece kitchen cabinets with no hardware or handles. This makes for a modern or industrial style kitchen with clean seamless lines. Its ideal for kitchens that want to showcase other features like a fun splashback or anything else as a focus piece. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways such as cut outs, recessed details or leaving the cabinet door flat and finished. Anything you choose should work for the overall usefulness of your kitchen cabinets.

Cut Out

A new trend that has been big in kitchen renovations is having a kitchen joinery create cutout on or in the doors to create a seamless and modern way to open your cabinets. The cut outs can be large and obvious so that you can easily put you hand in the cut out to open a cabinet. Or you can make it a small cut out that’s more conspicuous to the eye. A small circle can be cut out in a convenient place or any other design that makes it look purposeful and creates a fun design in the front of your cabinets that would otherwise be flat.

Recessed details

Recessed details are another option for kitchen cabinets if your looking for a look with clean and crisp lines that’s real minimalist. Recessed details are similar to cut outs in that they are a detail in the wood of the cabinets. However they are not just a hole, they are more of a pocket made in your cabinets for you to put your hand into. These can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the aim is that they are almost not seen in the overall design of the cabinets. Your kitchen joinery can create a recessed detail that is both beautiful and functional.

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Detailed Handles

Maybe you like the traditional or farmhouse style best with hardware on the cabinet doors. Your kitchen joinery will have a variety of different styles materials and finished to go on not only your cabinets but your drawers as well to create a kitchen design that is full of character. Don’t be afraid to mix hardware designs because that’s how you create something truly exceptional. You’ll need to decide on color material and design but you’ll also have to consider where on the cabinet you want your hardware positioned. You can have the hardware either on the rails or the stiles of your doors depending on how large the hardware is.

Hidden light features

There are other details that can be added to your kitchen cabinets to make them more accessible not only on the outside but also on the inside where you keep everything. Lights are a great addition to cabinets either inside to help you find things inside or on the outside to create more light in a workspace. This can be done with a string of LED lighting or with a single focused light to illuminate the space. Lighting can really help with the overall look of the kitchen and create the lighting layers that you need to complete your kitchen design.

Mixed Media

Your Kitchen joinery will design an amazing design that includes more than just closed kitchen cabinets. They can create a design that includes open shelves and cabinets in a well thought out layout to allow you to decorate and store all of your dishes and décor together

There are so many details when it comes to choosing what your kitchen cabinets look like. They are a major part of your overall kitchen design. From modern to contemporary and everything in between there is a cabinet design that’s going to fit your overall style. Your kitchen joinery will help you choose hardware or hardware-less cabinet doors. You will be able to choose a wide variety of recessed and cut out patterns and designs for a modern clean designed cabinet. If you chose hardware you will be able to choose materials , colors and placements as well as over all design. All these choice to give you cabinets that are not only beautiful but that also function flawlessly.

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Kitchen Design Ideas : Which is Right For You?

Kitchen renovation can be a great opportunity to explore different design themes for your kitchen. There are so many different kinds of themes and they have a lot of different elements that make them unique. Exploring some of the themes can hep you make your mind up when it comes to important design features and choices for your kitchen. There are so many details that you can use to create a one of a kind theme.


Modern kitchens have a very clean design and minimalist theme. This a a great for sleek lines and base colors like blue gray and white. This features materials like stainless steel and granite. It’s not very whimsical and cuts down on adornment pieces that are utilized for the purpose of efficiency in the kitchen. Everything featured in the kitchen is angular and flowing in design. Kitchen design ideas for a modern kitchen usually feature expertly designed features like furniture, floors and countertops. Cabinets are usually done in are usually done in frosted glass , sleek laminate or wood veneers. Flooring tends to be very simple with clean lines, elegant geometric shapes and this is true for the splashbacks as well.


Traditional kitchen designs have a warm and classic feel to them. Kitchen design chch for traditional themes often incorporate softer color tones such as cremes, taupes, light grays and greens. Unlike other kitchen designs chch traditional does stick strictly to any single thing. Its up for interpretation by the homeowner. Traditional usually includes patterns that bring the outdoors in like flowers, butterflies and birds. Mixing and matching is encouraged. And that’s why it appeals to so many people across age groups and personalities. Cabinets are usually done in wood either painted white or several different shades of crème or stained in a soft darker shade of brown. This aids in bringing the outside inside. The handcrafted look can also be accomplished with stone and brick as well. This design allows you to mix and match many layers of detail.

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The farmhouse kitchen design are a fun option for homeowners who like a more rustic and homey feel in design. It features rustic woods and soft green , white and browns. It has lots of design details that are meant feel comfortable. Sinks are done in copper, stainless steel or copper and meant to be deep for all of life’s little surprises. Butcher countertops are a popular choice but also soapstone, wood and concrete are also great farmhouse kitchen design ideas. Extra decorations like farmhouse canisters, pitchers and wire baskets are great to finish off the design.


Retro kitchen design chch can be playful colorful and charming. With the utilization of funky colors and vintage pieces and personality that you just can’t get anywhere else. Checked tile floors are a staple in any retro kitchen design chch. Just seeing the pattern on the floor brings back nostalgic thoughts of poodle skirts and bell bottom pants. Colors like red, mint, pastels and turquoise are popular color patterns for this kitchen design idea. Throwback appliances are a must for your fridge and stove to really bring in that retro feel and vintage personality. Funky hardware , classic signage and padded bar stools at your breakfast bar finish this look and make it irresistible.


Contemporary kitchens take the more traditional style and blend it with modern design and movement to create a space that is not only beautiful but also sleek and modern. Stainless steel and white appliances are usually a staple for this design. It creates a easy transition to warm wood tones in the cabinetry. Contemporary kitchen design chch allows you to choose a piece in your kitchen design and really make it a feature to stand out. This can be done with the splashback or the cabinet hardware or even the oven vent hood. Choose something and make it shout with personality.


Industrial kitchens are not for everyone. But if you want to highlight a particular feature in you existing kitchen such as exposed brick or wall mounted rails then an industrial kitchen design chch may be the right choice for you. An open space with high ceilings is an must have for this kind of kitchen design chch. Industrial kitchens mix a combination of materials. You’ll have stainless steel appliances with copper or brass light fixtures and reclaimed wood as shelves and islands. Industrial kitchens have a sort of rough simplicity to them. There’s no need to over decorate when you can just showcase the raw materials as they are.

there are so many different types of kitchen designs chch to choose from. Each with its own characteristics and personalities. It’s important when starting a kitchen renovation that you explore each design and what it has to offer you. And maybe no one design is you. Maybe you can create something from a little bit of everything that is a style all of your own.

Kitchen Showrooms Bringing Your Design Dreams To Life

When it’s time to start thinking about your kitchen renovation it can feel overwhelming with all the choices and decisions there are to make. The materials, the colors and staying in budget, even with a designer it can feel like there is not end to the things to choose. The best way to make your way through the piles of choices is to go to a kitchen showroom chch to gain some clear ideas into not only what you want but also the things you don’t want. Kitchen showrooms chch are invaluable to the kitchen renovation process when it comes to gaining inspiration and an understanding of how everything fits together just so.


Countertops are usually a good starting point for any kitchen. It can help establish a base color for your design where other things like cabinets and splashback to play off of. A kitchen showroom chch will be able to offer not only color choices but also choices for materials such as quartz, marble, tile and more. It can be hard to picture a certain countertop material in just a flat pictures. You’ll also be able to decide what kind of edges you’d like cut into your countertops. Showrooms allow you to see and feel the different materials and how they work with other colors.


There are so many decisions to make when it comes to cabinets. From colors to size
and even finishes. Showrooms allow you to see the different hardware that can work with different style doors. Also storage options are important when deciding cabinets, what size drawers or special features you’d like included in your joinery and cabinet installations. You’ll be able to open and close different styles of cabinets to decide what style fits your need and style for your kitchen overall. Looking at cabinets in pictures just doesn’t allow you the full scope that a kitchen showroom chch gives.

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Color pallets

Colors and themes are the hardest thing to choose when it comes to your kitchen renovation. Do you go dark and add all kinds of modern touches and dark woods. Or do you go light and make everything really white and clean. Or do you go completely sideways and mix and match colors from all over the spectrum. Kitchen showrooms chch can bring inspiration to you and show you could be an option as far as colors. There are so many models to see and choose from. And each model will also have a list of things to choose from to customize it to your exact taste and needs. Showrooms allow you to see how everything can come together when all the pieces are chosen just right.

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Splashbacks are an important part of your kitchen design. But they also can be the hardest to choose because of the wide array of colors shapes materials and designs that they can come in. The choice used to be limited to white subway tiles but now the world is your oyster. A kitchen showroom chch give you an opportunity to look at all of these choices and styles in one location. You and your designer will be able to narrow down the right choice for your kitchen and see how it flows with other things you have chosen for you kitchen.


Lighting can be a daunting choice. Too much and you feel like your on stage or in a fish bowl. Too little and your not able to work properly in your kitchen in a kitchen showroom chch you’ll be able to test and see the different types of lighting available for your kitchen. You’ll be able to create a lighting masterpiece by choosing task lighting to cook in and ambient lighting for guest to enjoy the space in. you kitchen designer and you will be able to choose the best style lights and the best place to utilize them in your design. You’ll also be able to choose lighting that is energy efficient.

Kitchen showrooms chch will be a great help when designing the kitchen of your dreams. You’ll be able to pick out and match each and every detail of your design all in one central location. You’ll be able to feel materials and see how things look together which will really help your design come to life in your head before construction starts. From cabinets to lighting and everything in between a kitchen renovation just cannot be complete without a trip to your kitchen showroom chch.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation : Before The Work Starts

Kitchen renovation is a major undertaking, possibly the biggest part of any home improvement project . There are so many decisions to be made such as appliances, function, and the dream materials to make any design come alive. Not only can it be time-consuming but also costly if not done properly . There are a few factors to consider before you tear down that wall or knock out those cabinets . Make sure to get with a good designer to ask about time, cost and design materials.

Find The Right People For The Job.

There’s a whole list of people who work to make a great kitchen renovation happen . You want to consult a contractor and a kitchen designer and they will usually make sure the correct people job are hired . Make sure that your contractor is licensed and certified and also has experience in kitchen renovations, as it is a specialty . The same goes for your kitchen designer, ensure that they have good references and ask for pictures of previous designs to make sure you are picking someone who will be able to see your vision . Above all make sure all work, repairs, and of the renovation are guaranteed for the life of the kitchen. No one wants to have to plumbing problems in a brand new sink a year later .

How Do You Want Your New Kitchen To Function ? Solving Storage Issues

Is the current kitchen too small and expansion is the plan? Or maybe the current kitchen is too dark and you are looking to open up and brighten the space? Most often people remodel because of storage needs . Installing new cabinets and redesigning their function can help to make a kitchen work better for the family. Are you looking for your kitchen to become a large entertaining space for family and friends together for large meals and get-togethers. Always make sure to include storage actions such as larger drawers, and pocket pantry solutions. Storage is important if you want to be able to find the things but you need creating your masterpieces.A good Christchurch joinery is always ideal to make your cabinets fit your design and storage needs whatever the current problem ensure that the new design solve these problems. Sometimes the kitchen is too dark or too small, knocking out a wall or opening a few more windows to the outside usually helps with this problem. Always have an inspector and your contactor insure that load bearing walls are not being taken down without adding substantial support. Your designer has a clear ideas and focuses on needs for a new kitchen .

Time And Cost: Making Sure You Have Enough Till The End Of The Project

How much is this all going to cost? That is always an important question. You have to decide how much you’re willing to spend to get the design and the function that you’re aiming for . Sometimes you have to make concessions during a kitchen renovation for what things are most important and your vision . It’s a cliche but time is money . It’s vital when picking a designer or installation that you have a clear timeline and budget. You’re going to be without a kitchen for quite a while and your designer knows that you want to get back as soon as possible, realistic finish dates give you a light at the end of the tunnel .Nothing is worse than going over budget because of unexpected costs so always make sure to make room in the budget for unexpected expenses that occur during a kitchen renovation . Usually 15% of your budget should be set aside for emergencies such as relocating walls or unexpected rewiring or even plumbing problems that can arise . You never want to be caught off guard or over budget .

Design And Materials For The Best Look

Another consideration is materials and design . What are your counters going to be made of? Granite, quartz, concrete or reclaimed wood . If you want waterfall countertops? Or do you want something less modern and more family-friendly . Are you looking for something that’s easy to clean, or maybe something in a funky color is more your style. Do you want cabinets or floating shelves? A joinery in Christchurch is going to give the best for all your cabinet needs designing something one-of-a-kind meet all your unique storage needs. Ensure that any material that you agree on work for your family and design needs.

Kitchen renovation is more than just the finished product so make sure that you keep all of these things in mind , no detail is too small . From function and design, time, cost and even who you choose to provide installation and materials all are important considerations to have understood before starting your project . Make sure that you have all the details 10 questions answered before any work is started .

Kitchen renovation can be very stressful make sure to start out on the right foot. Know your options. Check out Kitchen Maker services and products and the best joinery Christchurch has to offer.

8 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Renovating your kitchen is a big undertaking. It’s expensive for a start, plus the result will have a significant impact on your home and family life. It is, therefore, important you get it right. Here are eight common kitchen renovation mistakes you should avoid.

  • Not Using a Professional Kitchen Designer – Getting the design right from the outset is essential. Even if you have a flair for design, you should still get your ideas looked by a professional kitchen designer. Ideally, you should let the designer do the bulk of the work. This is because there are so many simple things that can go wrong at this stage of the process that will have a long-lasting impact. Here are some examples:
    • Making walkways cluttered or small, particularly the main walkway through the kitchen
    • Not creating a work triangle between the oven, fridge, and sink
    • Leaving too little workspace
    • Installing too few power sockets
    • Designing cupboards and drawers that open into each other

    A professional kitchen designer will avoid all these issues and more.

  • Thinking Only About Style – The style of your kitchen is incredibly important as it’s a reflection of your personality. Also, you should enjoy spending time in the kitchen which you can only do if you like the way it looks. However, problems arise when style is the only consideration. After all, kitchens have a functional role too, so this should also be considered.
  • Moving Plumbing – There may be good reasons for moving plumbing, but it’s an expensive option. Don’t, therefore, make this decision on a whim. If it’s a conscious choice and you’re happy with the additional expense, go for it. Otherwise, try to leave the plumbing untouched.
  • Not Including Enough Storage – It’s almost impossible to have too much storage in a kitchen so you should avoid cutting back on storage space. Your kitchen designer will know this, but it’s important you’re aware of the need for storage too.

    Also, make sure you utilise all the space available. In most kitchens, there is a lot of space that is not used at all, or not used well. These spaces can give you storage without compromising on other aspects of the kitchen.

  • Failing to Ensure there is Enough Light – Lighting is one of the most important elements of kitchen design. Specifically, you need to ensure there is adequate lighting for all times of the day – natural light during the day where possible, and artificial light for night time. Also, the type of light you choose is important, i.e. the light should feel as natural as possible, even at night.
  • Not Setting a Budget or Failing to Stick to the Budget – Renovating your kitchen is a significant investment so it’s essential you have a budget in place. You should do this before you start looking at kitchen ideas or drafting plans. Also, make sure the budget guides you through every decision to avoid spending more than you should.
  • Choosing Appliances at the End – It’s easier to choose counters and units that fit appliances than the other way around, so choose your appliances at the start of the project.
  • Not Having a Plan for While the Work Gets Done – Finally, there will be inevitable upheaval in your home while the renovation work is being done. Make sure you have a plan in place while this is happening, particularly in relation to feeding children.

Avoiding these mistakes will help ensure you get the kitchen you want while making the renovation process easier.

How to Budget for a Kitchen Renovation

The starting point for every kitchen renovation project should be doing your budget. Without it, you may not get the kitchen you want. With a budget, however, you can ensure you get everything that’s important to you while maximising every dollar you spend.

Below are some things you should consider when deciding a kitchen renovation budget.

  • Make Sure You Do a Budget – It all starts with ensuring you do it – and you write it down. It’s no good having a rough idea of the costs in your head. Instead, you need a spreadsheet or sheet of paper that outlines the various costs to give you a total figure for the work.
  • Include Contingency Money – Make sure you include contingency money from the start and remember to adjust this as you finalise the budget if the figures change. You need contingency money because you can’t foresee everything when doing renovation or building work in your home. The contingency money will pay for the unexpected. You should allocate about 10 percent of the overall budget as contingency money.
  • Look Realistically at How Much You Have to Spend – This is the most important part. After all, you can set whatever budget you want but it doesn’t matter if you are not able to pay for it. Just make sure you are realistic when looking at your finances and deciding what you can spend on the renovation.
  • Why Are You Renovating the Kitchen? – The main question here is: are you staying in the house or do you have plans to sell it in the short-to-medium term. If you are going to sell the house, you’ll want the value of your property to cover the cost of the renovation.

    How you calculate this is dependent on a range of factors, but, for most houses, the cost of the renovation should come in somewhere between five percent and 15 percent of the pre-renovation value. This is because the new kitchen should increase the value of your house by about the same amount.

  • What is the Condition of Your Home? – You should also think about the condition of your home. If you think it will need repairs during the renovation, you will need to include this in your costs. This means you may have to compromise on other elements of the new kitchen to make the repairs.
  • What Do You Want to Achieve? – Do you want a more modern, stylish, and functional kitchen, or do you want to completely change the space? The latter option is going to be more expensive, particularly if you plan to knock down walls or move the plumbing.
  • What Features Do You Want? – Think about all the features you want in the kitchen. This includes appliances, style of countertop, flooring, and more. You should think of this as your wish list.
  • Decide on Your Priorities – This is the final part and is as important as deciding how much you can realistically afford to spend on the renovation. It involves looking at all the points above including the features you want, the state of your property, and what you want to achieve. You need to match this with what you have to spend. That means prioritising and, often, compromising on some features or elements.

Throughout the process of setting a kitchen renovation budget, a kitchen design professional can be of considerable assistance. They will help you with individual costs as well as guiding you on what is feasible.

Then, once you have the budget in place, you can move onto the fun part – designing your new kitchen.

Steps to Take When Getting a New Kitchen

Getting a new kitchen in your home is a big decision. It is a major financial investment plus it is a decision you will live with for several years. Here are some steps to make the process as smooth as possible and that will ensure you get a kitchen you love.

  • Decide on Your Budget – It is important to set your budget before you start looking at kitchen styles or functionality. This will prevent you from getting into a situation further into the process where you have to make compromises because of financial constraints.
  • Evaluate Your Current Kitchen – Next, look at your current kitchen from a style and functionality perspective. In terms of style, you may already have an idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like. What are the things you don’t like about the style of your existing kitchen, though? For example, did it become dated too quickly or do you think it is too dark?
  • As for functionality, identify things you like and don’t like about your existing kitchen. This could be anything from storage space to the design of the sink to the location of appliances. Pay particular attention to things that don’t work well and could be improved.

  • Think About How You Use the Kitchen – It is also important to think about how you use your kitchen. A family kitchen that is used for meals, making packed lunches, doing homework, and everything else that goes on in a family kitchen is very different to a kitchen used only by adults. Will you entertain in the kitchen, for example, and what are your cooking preferences and habits?
  • Decide on the Essential Elements – You may not be able to get everything you want in your new kitchen so it is important to decide on the essential elements. This includes everything from the quality of the appliances to the kitchen’s features to elements of the design. You might, for example, decide that a particular type of countertop is essential to your new kitchen, or you might want an oversize refrigerator. Prioritise what is most important.
  • Think About Counter Space, Appliances, and Storage – It is the job of your kitchen designer to maximise storage and counter space while also ensuring all the elements of your kitchen are accessible and work together. You can have an input in this process too, particularly if you have lived in the house for a while and know the space well.
  • Get Design Inspiration – This step only applies if you are still unsure of the exact design you want. The first tip is not to rush this part of the process as it is too important. The best advice is to get design inspiration from as many sources as you can. This includes reading interior design and kitchen design blogs and magazines, visiting kitchen showrooms, speaking to professional kitchen designers, and more.
  • Find a Kitchen Designer and Installer – Finally, appoint a kitchen designer so you can take the next steps to getting your new kitchen. Make sure the kitchen designer has experience and delivers high-quality workmanship. Professionalism is important too – after all, they will be working not only in your home but in the most important room of your home.

By following the above steps, you will get the kitchen you have always wanted.

12 Essential Elements of a Well-Designed Kitchen

A kitchen should be functional as well as attractive and comfortable to be in. That means it must be well-designed. Good design doesn’t happen by accident, however. Below are 12 elements of a well-designed kitchen. Does your kitchen have them all?

  • Makes Good Use of Space – There are two parts to this design feature. The first is using all the available space so nothing goes to waste. The second involves using the space well. For example, keeping commonly used things in your kitchen close together so you don’t spend all your time walking from one side of the room to the other.
  • Has Enough Storage – A common mistake that people make when designing kitchens is not including enough storage. In addition, the smaller the available space there is, the more important it is to come up with creative storage solutions.
  • Maximises Natural Light – Natural light is the best type of light to have in your kitchen, and well-designed kitchens make effective use of it.
  • Has Effective, Unobtrusive Lighting – You can’t use natural light all the time so your kitchen will also need lighting. The source of the lighting, however, should be almost invisible. Its placement is important too, particularly in relation to shadows. After all, you don’t want a shadow falling onto a worktop while you are preparing food.
  • Has Enough Power Points – You need enough power points for your appliances as well as other electrical devices. For example, it may be normal for you to charge your phone in the kitchen. Also, there should be sufficient power points for you to add additional electrical devices or appliances in the future.
  • Has Attractive Worktops that Are Easy to Care For – Worktops should be high-quality, durable, and attractive. It is essential, however, that they are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Includes New Appliances – If you are getting a new kitchen, the best advice is to get new appliances too.
  • Takes into Consideration Traffic – Designing a kitchen well involves thinking carefully about how people use and walk-through it. In particular, walkways should be big enough to pass while safety is important too. For example, you should keep ovens and hobs away from walkways if possible, particularly if children use the kitchen.
  • Has Effective Ventilation – Ventilation is important to protect the interior of your kitchen, to make it more comfortable to us, and to remove odours.
  • Has a Well-Placed Bin – The design and location of your bin are important. That importance increases if you keep multiple bins in the kitchen for recycling. Many people like to hide bins, but accessibility is essential too.
  • Has Doors That Are Well-Designed – The design of cabinet and appliance doors has to be well thought through when designing a kitchen. They must swing the right way for a start. In addition, they shouldn’t bang into anything when open, including other doors.
  • Includes Landing Space – Landing space is counter space located beside the refrigerator, microwave, and sink. After all, there is nothing more annoying than using any of these kitchen elements with your hands full and having nowhere in the immediate vicinity to put anything.

There will be other things that will be important to you for your kitchen. The above 12 elements apply to all kitchens, however, whatever the size or style.