All You need to know about Small Kitchen Designs

Small kitchen designs are great, for college students who only eat ramen or single people who don’t cook and eat a lot of takeout. But if you’re like most people you have kids or spouse you have to feed on a pretty regular basis, unlike the plants in living room that survived despite neglect . A Small kitchen designs just leaves a lot to be desired as far as storage, space and lighting . But short of knocking down a couple of walls, which is not always an option, there are few things that can be changed and upgraded to make it work better for you and your family . Small kitchen designs can be difficult but with the proper designer there is no doubt that you can maximize the layout to get the most out of your small space.

Island – Make It Work For You

Do you think that an island is just not possible in your Small kitchen designs. Think again, Islands provide a ton of storage space and also can be designed to have pull out table well for extra seating. They can even be made to keep your microwave or other small appliances in a special storage space so that you have more room on your counters and less clutter. Make sure you choose a kitchen island a ton of storage in it. Also helps when its on a wheels so that it can be moved out of the way or around if needed.

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Colors – Simple and Clean Small kitchen designs

A good start is choosing a light and airy color. Veer away from dark woods, reds, blacks or anything that might seem too heavy for the space. Also veer away from busy patterns or too many patterns in general . Best to keep everything really simple and clean . Whites and blues tend to be good choices in colors also basic patterns for your backsplashes and appliances keep the kitchen from licking closed-in and suffocating . Subway tiles can also be added to create a nice pattern without becoming too busy .

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Storage – Use Every Bit Of Space

You’ve gotten rid of everything that you don’t need only left with the things that make a kitchen a kitchen .Small kitchen designs can feel closed sometimes if there are too many traditional cabinets hanging up above . But this forces you to get creative about where to put everything. Floating shelves are nice but they don’t hold much without looking like a mess . If need the extra dishware for entertaining so pull drawers on the lower level cabinets give plenty of storage . This leaves floating shelves for decorations that will make the kitchen feel inviting. This also keeps the kitchen from feeling boxed in. If you’d like to keep the upper cabinets and not use floating shelves, then having cabinets with glass doors is recommended so the space doesn’t feel so closed off making sure the trim is a light color as well . Tilt out drawers help maximize lower cabinets faces things like utensils, trash cans. Pull out or slide out pantries are a great solution for keeping things organized but still accessible. Toe kick drawers are fairly new design feature but allow you to storage wide cookie sheets and pans in a space that would otherwise be unused and forgotten. A joinery in Christchurch should be able to help you design storage to fit all of your needs .

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Lighting – Sometimes Less Is More

The grand old chandelier de pompadour may not look good in a Small kitchen designs. Any flashy pendants or chandelier lighting would not be helpful in opening up the space . Recessed lighting would be a good addition or small pendant lights over the island or counters. Dimmers help to create optimal conditions to work in . Also putting lights by the cabinets to make the space easy to work in. A string of lights along the base of your counters, along your backsplash, is another way to bring illumination to the space. Don’t be afraid to get creative with lighting, remember to cake layer throughout the space so that it’s not too bright or too dark .

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Seating – No One Wants To Be Alone In The Kitchen

If the kitchen is small there’s probably little to no seating so you can entertain guests when they come by . Bar stools on the back of a counter bar can make a great space for people to sit and interacted with you while you were in the kitchen . Bench seating in a breakfast nook as storage but also but also leaves great space gathering in the kitchen.

While small kitchen is not ideal there is no reason why it can’t still be stylish and functional . With the right storage solutions, colors , lighting  and seating it can be every bit as amazing as a large kitchen . Because the kitchen is where family, friends and food come together for good time . Find your Small kitchen designs in Christchurch who can make your kitchen design dreams come true.

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