Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

two tone kitchen cabinets

Baking cookies, preparing thanksgiving dinner and Sunday breakfast. Your kitchen is used everyday and not just for meals. It’s a place for the family to meet and enjoy each other while enjoying a meal and the topics of the day. The kitchen has many pieces that make it a kitchen but nothing more integral than the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets function as the base color pallet for your kitchen as well as the place for all of your storage. Without your cabinets it would be room with a kitchen and an oven. Recent kitchen renovation trends have finally given kitchen cabinets and joinery the attention they deserve. The latest trend has been the choice of colors in your cabinets. Specifically two tone cabinets that make your kitchen cabinets stand out. Two tone cabinets allow you to make your kitchen more dynamic and give your kitchen cabinets an opportunity to be major feature in your kitchen. Two tone cabinets can be made into a done in a large variety of colors and combinations. There are a lot of different materials that can be mixed and matched as well. This allows you to be as creative in your kitchen as you are in life.

Choosing A Color Pallet

So many colors to choose from, how do you even start. The choice of using a two tone cabinet can open a wide array of choices for you to use for your kitchen. It’s important that you and your designer make a clear choice on how your two tone cabinets you can choose a color pallet that is more subtle like a soft gray and and egg shell that allows you to make your kitchen a bit more interesting without screaming at the top of your lungs how unique you are. Or maybe that what you want to do. Maybe you want your kitchen cabinets to be the end all and be all of your kitchen. Then you might be choosing an olive green and a chili red to spice up the overall design of your cabinets. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to colors. You can make any color combination that you can imagine. When you add in the choices for your countertops the combinations can feel endless. All this is supposed to bring depth and character to your kitchen that can’t be obtained with previous flat colors across the kitchen pallet.

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Getting Creative With Your Color Pallet

Your color pallet should be something that you consider for a while with your kitchen renovation designer. There are more just a color to pick out for your cabinets. The colors you choose for your kitchen cabinet and joinery are also going to affect your splashback choices as well, weather you use stainless steel appliances or not , and what the floors will look like over all. When deciding to use two tone kitchen cabinets you are ultimately opening a can of worms. But you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed if you have good designer. They will help you realize you kitchen renovation dreams and show you how the use of many colors together can still give you a cohesive and beautiful kitchen design.

Kitchen renovations are an opportunity to create a kitchen that you will love. Kitchens play a huge role in the home so why not give it the attention it deserves. The kitchen is not just a place for food to be prepared, it is also a space for family memories to be made and stories to be shared. Two tone cabinets are a consideration you and your kitchen designer should take seriously because it comes with a long list of other things to consider. There are so many color combinations that the choices can start to feel staggering. It can be a beautiful and amazing choice but you also have to take in account the colors of everything else in the space and how they all play together. From the countertop to the appliances and the splashbacks, everything has to be taken into consideration. Choosing two tone cabinets allows you to create a creative space that is every bit as unique as your family if you and your designer can find a color pallet that works for you.

If you’d like more information on two tone cabinets or other kitchen cabinets and joinery, call Kitchen Maker CHCH so we can show you all the ways we can help you in your kitchen renovation and design.

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